BMAI In-Kind Donation
Please use this form to report volunteer time and donations for BMAI - Thanks for helping!
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if multi-day event, note the end date
Time Donation
Use this section to record volunteer time and mileage to/from the volunteer location.
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Volunteer Activity
What work did you do?
How much time did you spend (including travel)?
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$20, or whatever your hourly rate is for the service
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Item / Expense Donation
Use this section to record donation of an item or professional service. Also can be used for cost of admission, tickets, food, etc., when volunteering at an event.
Donated Item
What item did you donate
Donated Item Value
What is the value of the item you donated?
Thank You!
First, your help or donation is REALLY appreciated. This information helps with grant applications and keeps bluegrass music alive and well in Iowa. Without you, BMAI would not be possible.
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