100 Black Men of Philadelphia Saturday Leadership Academy Online Student Application

The 100 Black Men of Philadelphia, Inc. adopts the 100 Black Men of America’s Inc. organization’s signature “Mentoring the 100 Way” concept. Mentoring the 100 Way is a holistic program that addresses the social, emotional, and cultural needs of children, ages 6-20.

Our program is designed to motivate, engage and assist both male elementary and high school students in reaching their maximum potential.

The 100 Black Men of Philadelphia will focus on:
* Character building * Self-Awareness * Peer to peer mentoring * Communication /Conflict resolution * Social Engagement * Goal setting * Networking * Time management * Developmental Skills * Leadership development

CURRENT 100 BLACK MEN OF AMERICA IMPLEMENTED PROGRAMS (https://100blackmen.org/program-activations/)
- Pathways to Success
- Leadership Academy
- Hands on Banking
- Dollars and $ense Youth Investment Competition
- Wallet Wise Program
- African-American History Challenge (Jr. High & Sr. High School)

Additionally, the 100 Black Men of Philly includes academic enrichment and life skills training to support their journey to college or vocational employment. Participants will be exposed to a variety of cultural and community service activities, which can be used for high school community service credits.

Fredrick L. Whiten, M Ed
President Emeritus

OFFICE: (267) 238-2900 x5 | WEBSITE: www.100blackmenphilly.org | ONLINE APPLICATION: http://bit.ly/100BMP_OnlineStudentApplication

STEP #1 DOWNLOAD APPLICATION ATTACHMENTS and upload signed documents into this online application system.

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STEP #2 Complete the online application below. Be sure to upload the attachments from Step #1.

100 Black Men National Conference, Hollywood, FL (June 2018)
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