Casual Conversations: A virtual cafe
In order to facilitate sharing of ideas, checking in and paying it forward, let's set aside some weekly time to discuss with each other.

The purpose of this form is to collect emails for those interested and set up a time for our first meeting. Please provide feedback if there are no times that suit you or if you feel like there could be one or two other things added to the benefits that would help you engage with a group like this.

I am hoping that this is a great addition to the communities that already exist. But I don't want anyone to be in the position that they are in three or four different groups and burned out attending them all. So please exercise caution and sign up if you feel you can engage.

Signing up:
I want this group to be accessible and open, so I would appreciate if you would be willing to share at least your name and email with this group. It will only be accessible to those who fill out this form and check the box that asks if they are okay with their information being shared on a common google doc.

All of the content we produce whether it is recorded versions of our discussions for playback or meeting notes will only be made available to those who are in the group.

I am not looking to make this a strictly confidential group. We should strive in general to respect each other's wishes and privacy but try not to assume that your words can't or won't be repeated.

Finally I am going to seek to be proactive with forming this group and getting it off the ground. If you sign up I commit to engaging with you as soon as possible!

Read more about the benefits here:

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