OYCF Membership Application (海外中国青年论坛会员申请表)
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Name in Chinese 中文姓名
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Occupation / Employer (e.g. Student / University of Maryland) 职业和单位 *
City/State of Residence 所在州和城市 *
Did you have any experience with OYCF activities before (check all the boxes that apply)? 您以前参加过OYCF活动吗? *
If you had experience with OYCF activities before, can you indicate when, where and what? 假如您以前和OYCF有交集,请说明何时、何地、何种场合。
What is your general area of interest that is related to China (Check all the boxes that apply)?您关心的中国问题有哪些?
OYCF sometimes calls on members to volunteer in one or more of the areas of OYCF activities. Which area interests you most (check all that apply)? OYCF有时候需要会员参加志愿活动,您可以告诉我们您对哪一项最感兴趣? *
Briefly, why do you want to become an OYCF member? And how do you think you can benefit from, and contribute to, the OYCF? 您能简要叙述一下您为什么要加入 OYCF,您如何受益和为OYCF做贡献? *
OYCF membership (check website for address to send your check http://oycf.net/Membership. Interested in additional donation? Please email oycfer@gmail.com) OYCF会员费(邮寄支票请查看网站,欲捐赠者可以联系oycfer@gmail.com) *
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