Residents - 2016 Recycling Survey
1. What area of Medicine Hat are you currently living in? (please select one)
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being not important at all and 10 being extremely important), how important is recycling to you?
Not important at all
Extremely important
3. How often does your household recycle?
4. If you recycle, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being you don't recycle that item at all and 10 being you recycle it all the time) how often do you recycle the following items?
1 Don't recycle at all
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
Column 6
Column 7
Column 8
Column 9
10 Recycle all the time
Organic Waste
5. If you don't recycle, what are some of the reasons why? (select all that apply)
6. What type of recycling does your household participate in? (select all that apply)
7. How convenient do you find recycling?
8. What improvements would you like to see in recycling procedures? (select all that apply)
9. What is the distance to your nearest recycling drop off location?
10. How far would you go to be able to recycle a product your used? (select all that apply)
11. Do you feel it would be beneficial to do door to door recycling pick up?
12. Would you recycle more if it was made more accessible?
13. How much would you be willing to pay per month towards improved recycling procedures?
14. Would you want recycling bins to be provided in parks and throughout city streets?
15. Would you support the ban of plastic bags to help encourage reusable grocery bags?
16. What type of residence do you live in?
17. What age group are you in?
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