~ Enlightened Society Assembly ~ 2017 Staff Application for Residential Land Centres
Thank you for your interest in staffing a 2017 Enlightened Society Assembly! Please fill in the application below. Staff mandalas will be confirmed two-three months prior to each Assembly. Your offering is greatly appreciated.

Some staff positions require more experience than others, but do not be discouraged if you are not a Teacher or a Meditation Instructor for example. Please express your interest.

It is worth noting that staffing an international Assembly can be an incredibly rewarding and rich experience, as well as an energetically demanding one, which will require your full engagement. Please keep this in mind when applying.

We will contact you. Thank you!
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If you are a Shambhala Training Director, what courses or levels have you taught most recently? (please feel free to list dates and locations)
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Are you a Scorpion Seal practitioner? *
When did you attend Enlightened Society Assembly (or the former Sutrayana Seminary)? Please state the year and location. *
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At which practice centre do you wish to staff a 2016 Enlightened Society Assembly? *
Staff are asked to arrive a few days prior to participant arrival. Please confirm that you are able to arrive 2-3 days early for set-up. *
What other languages do you speak? Would you be able to offer translation if needed?
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Have you staffed an Enlightened Society Assembly before? If yes, please specify where, the year, and what position you held. If no, please share other relevant staffing experience. *
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Please specify the position(s) which most appeal to you. *
References: Please provide the name and contact information of your Meditation Instructor and/or someone under whose direction you have staffed previously. *
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