ViteX income pool parameter voting
As the release date of ViteX Alpha version approaches, we asked the community to vote on the handling of the transaction fees. After hearing from over 100 voices within the community, ViteX will adjust the rules according to the voting result.

We have also received a proposal from Vite community regarding how to deal with the ViteX shares pool. After extensive internal discussions, our team has decided to publish the content of the proposal and let community vote for which one it prefers.

Explanations of Shares Pool Rules

In the previous economic model, the transaction and listing fees that were collected during one day will be distributed immediately to VX holders the following day. Following this model, there will be a sharp decline in the amount of hare per VX.

As such, we plan to adopt the community's share pool proposal. The transaction and listing fees will be collected into a share pool and slowly distributed at a predetermined rate. For example, if the daily share rate is set to 1%, VX holders will receive 1% of the total fees collected by the previous 100 days (since the rate is set at 1%, 50 days if at 2%).

This model can stabilize fluctuations in the value of VX over time. Additionally, VX holders will not only benefit from a permanent right to shares of transaction fees, but also an increasing share pool. This is an effective supply to the ViteX economic model.

The below graph is calculated based on a daily 1% increase of the shares:

Under this setting, the transaction and listing fees from the 1st day will be fully distributed on the 100th day.

Share calculation
Do you support setting up a share pool?
What daily release rate of the share pool do you prefer?
Vote TIME: Apr. 10 to Apr. 18
Note: The Beta version of ViteX will only support testing coins which have no real values. ViteX will be officially launched after we test the beta version. More information will be released soon.
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