Potential New Career Technical Course Offerings
This survey is to help us plan for new programs that may be offered through Limestone County's Career Technical Center. By letting us know what you might be interested in you will not be obligated in any way. We simply want to know what course options our students would like to see.
You will find course descriptions at careertechnical.org under Quick Links.
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Potential new Career Technical programs:
The following videos give a brief overview of programs that may be implemented at the Career Technical Center. You can also read the descriptions provided at careertechnical.org under Quick Links.
Huntsville City Schools Cyber Security Students featured on CBS News' Sunday Morning.
Finance Academy at Columbia High School.
Kid Snippets: Real Estate Agent
Overview of a career as a Utility Lineman
Please check your TOP 2 choices for new programs you MAY be interested in. You will not be obligated in any way. We are just trying to plan for next year.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!
Please check which program you MAY be interested in participating in if it were available.
This will not obligate you in anyway.
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