Monthly Volunteer Recognition Program | Impacting LIVES
At Touch Gift Foundation we honor our volunteers and recognize the importance of showing gratitude, appreciation, building healthy relationships internally, professional/personal growth, and providing astonishing customer service (the experience).

We understand that without the support of our volunteers, we are UNABLE to serve our communities. Whether it's through small gestures or large, everyone needs to be acknowledged for their efforts.

A little appreciation goes a LONG WAY ...

WE are creating a culture of appreciation by showcases team members for their outstanding performances.

The Volunteer Appreciation Committee will be responsible for selecting a team member to honor every other month.

This team member displays humility, LOVE, highly motivated, inspired to make change by impacting LIVES. This individual also values our mission and vision, and exemplifies our core values.

Interested in nominating yourself or someone else, please complete the form below.

Deadline for Submission: 20th of April, June, August, October, December

Results: 24th of that month
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