[MUHL3303] - COVID-19 planning
Please complete this short form, to be used only for the purposes of our class, to help me understand what your expectations, needs, and preferences would be regarding online instruction should the university move to this model in the coming weeks.

The university has requested that faculty educate themselves on online teaching tools and strategies. To my mind, this also requires understanding YOU and how your lives may change should the physical campus close. I don't teach to hear myself talk; I teach to help you understand the material in ways that are engaging and appropriate. Teaching online poses many challenges, and I want to make sure that we are all investing time to create an experience that is as likely as possible to provide an informative and enjoyable experience.

I understand that your lives may change in substantive ways should the university close. Your personal health, family/caretaking obligations, travel and commuting time, work, and financial situation might be significantly affected. You might also be staying in a location with different technology infrastructure and access than is typical. Please consider how you might be affected by working from a "home" or other alternative location and share those insights with me below to the best of your preference and ability.

Let's make the rest of the semester a success, no matter how we end up working together!

--Dr Smith
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Do you expect to have reliable internet access and equipment for READING and POSTING TEXT content via Blackboard? *
Do you expect to have reliable internet access, appropriate for LISTENING TO online AUDIO content via Blackboard, Skype, YouTube, and/or Spotify?
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Do you expect to have reliable internet access, appropriate for WATCHING online VIDEO content via Blackboard, Skype, YouTube, and/or Spotify?
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Do you expect to have equipment appropriate for RECORDING and UPLOADING online VIDEO content via Facebook, Skype, and/or YouTube?
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What kind of device(s) do you expect to use to read, listen to, and/or watch course content via Blackboard and/or Skype? [check boxes, can select multiple]
What time(s) of day do you expect to be available for engaging with course content like video and audio? Explain expected constraints in "Other" if desired. [check boxes, can select multiple]
In an ideal world, would you prefer live (synchronous), pre-recorded (asynchronous), or mixed instruction materials? This is one we will have to balance based on the full range of availability expectations within our class. [check boxes, can select multiple]
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Do you have any accessibility requests for me regarding online teaching? For example, materials available in a different format, transcriptions, specific approaches to discussion boards, a preference of video discussion vs. discussion boards, etc? If you think you may need to update existing accommodations for ALL your classes, I recommend reaching out to Student Disability Services as soon as possible.
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Do you have any concerns about accessing resources if campus is closed, including basic needs (food, shelter, medical care), psychological care and counseling, a ride, or access to technology that you wish to share with me?
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Do you have any additional questions or concerns about moving to online classes that you would like to share with me?
Do you have any questions or concerns about the possibility that campus will close that you would like me to share with university administration, for yourself or on behalf of your peers?
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