Become a Verified WildSpark Creator
Thank you for taking interest in the WildSpark Creator Program, the place for Creators to monetize their valuable content and be rewarded by people who appreciate it.

******* Please note that a Creator is someone who creates original content as opposed to someone who shares content. Sharing content is also valuable and you can earn AMPs by being a curator and sharing. But the ability to link content you create to your WildSpark account is reserved for those who create content and become a verified WildSpark Creator.*******

Before filling up this form, please make sure to create a standard user account:

Shortly after, your application is reviewed to ensure the content channel's validity and that it meets both Synereo’s standards and legal requirements. During the review, a number of factors are evaluated; the lifetime of the channel, number of subscribers, number of views, amount of content published, the length of published videos, and copyright compliance. If the application does not meet these requirements, it will be declined.

We will email you with the next steps upon completion of the review process.

Please note: Receipt of AMPs is not dependent on when your channel is verified. Once verified, you will receive all AMPs earned during the review process.

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