Interested in a 'Burlington Experience' course?
BHS is adding a ‘Burlington Experience’ course to Q4 (April 1 - June 4, 2021). The course will be taught by the faculty of the Burlington City & Lake Semester. This course will be: IN-PERSON -- 2 CLASS CREDITS.

The course will study Burlington’s culture, people, and natural environment; city systems; local issues; and what makes a community thrive. Students will earn English and Social Studies elective credits.

When: The scheduling of this class will depend on the best fit with interested student schedules. We will coordinate with the BHS hybrid class schedule so that it will work for almost any student. If you are interested in active, engaging in-person learning this spring, you are encouraged to apply. Your BHS Counselor will follow up with you to discuss your individual schedule.

Where: Old North End Community Center, 20 Allen Street

Who: This course will be open to all BHS seniors, juniors and sophomores, with priority given to seniors and juniors.

COMPLETE THIS SURVEY TO APPLY! Students, parents or guardians are welcome to complete the survey.

**** NOTE: If you are interested in this course, email your Counselor! Even if you are interested, but it doesn't fit into your current schedule, they may be able to help you shift classes for Q3/Q4 to make it work! ****
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