Getting to Know You
1. What is important to you about your business? *
Please list the things that are important to you about your business, being an entrepreneur and what you value about your business.
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2. How do you know when/ if you are on track? *
What evidence would you need to see, hear or feel?
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3. How do you measure or define financial success? Be specific. *
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4. What are the 3 biggest challenges your business is facing right now? *
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5. Have you ever thought about an exit strategy? If so, what is the timing for your exit?
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6. What do you feel your next area of focus needs to be? Pick no more than two.
7. Do the current operational structures and processes that you have in place in your business working for you? *
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8. Does your business run smoothly or is it chaotic? *
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9. What things would you like to see run more smoothly? *
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10. Describe in detail your current role in the business? *
What would you like to see change or be removed from that role once you have more help?
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11. Is there another business model you admire? *
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12. Do you have a plan to build your network? *
What does that look like?
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13. What makes you feel valued and fulfilled? On the other hand, what triggers you? *
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14. What, if anything, would you like to change so that you feel more valued and fulfilled? *
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15. On a scale of 1 to 10, where ten is completely successful, how successfully do you think you are and have been at achieving each of the following: *
Achieving the business success you really want
Gaining personal financial success
Feeling in control and focused, with clear direction and goals
Ensuring a full buy-in to common agreed business goals from your team
Maintaining successful work/life balance
Having a solid growth strategy
Recruiting talent to support immediate and longer term needs
Having a proactive communication process with my partner
Leveraging your personal brand
Building an engaged and committed business community
Developing a supportive and inspiring environment
Managing your team on a day to day basis to its full potential
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