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Tel: 07828 191481 – for enquiries about handing over a cat or strays
07401 668771 – for enquiries about adopting a cat(s)
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Thank you for your enquiry about adopting a cat/kitten from Purrs Cat Rescue. Before completing and returning the form, please read through and give some thought to the following:
This form is to assist us in selecting the most suitable cat/kitten for you. Please complete the form in full and include any other information which you feel may be relevant.
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If rented, do you have landlord’s permission for a pet and are you able to provide written proof of this?
We will need to see this during our home visit with you. Many cats come into Purrs care due to problems with rental accommodation so this is to help prevent a cat being returned for that reason.
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Do you live on a busy main road or close to one? *
Please note we do not rehome outdoor cats near busy roads. If we have any cats in our care suited to indoor living, we will contact you with further details.
Do you have a garden or communal garden? If so what is the approximate size *
Is your garden secure? *
What is the height of the fencing (if applicable)?
Do you have your own transport? *
If NO, how would you travel to emergency vet appointments?
Where will the cat/kitten be kept when you are out? *
Will the cat/kitten live in the home as part of the family? *
Do you have any holidays booked that would delay you adopting? Please confirm dates *
Names of people living in the home *
Are any children in the family used to animals, and are relaxed around them? If so, please let us know their ages
Are there any plans to have children? *
Do children visit regularly? If so, what are their ages?
On average, how many hours a day would the cat be left on its own? *
Do you have any plans to move within the next 12 months? *
Does you or anyone in your household currently have Covid 19 symptoms or has been confirmed as having Covid 19? (Under guidance from Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH) we need to be made aware so we can adapt our rehoming process to allow for this /delay if needed - please be honest for the safety of everyone involved) *
Have you previously owned a cat/kitten? *
If yes, please give us details:
Do you currently have another cat/kitten? *
What is their age
Are they neutered/spay & up to date with vaccinations & flea and worming treatments *
Name of flea and worm treatment used
Any other pets including any that would visit? *
If yes, please give details:
Are there any issues with the resident pets?
Are there any cats or dogs in the neighbouring houses? Please give details *
What provisions have been made for when you go on holidays? *
Have you looked into insurance policies? *
If not, how will you pay expensive/emergency vet bills
Do you have a preference of an indoor or outdoor cat/kitten? *
How would you deal with any undesirable behaviour due to settling in/stress – e.g. toileting outside the litter tray, scratching furniture etc.? *
Would you consider taking two cats/kittens that have always lived together? *
Would you consider a cat/kitten with disabilities/needing slight behaviour help? *
Would you consider short term fostering (perhaps while waiting for a more suitable pet)? *
Have you been home checked by another rescue or animal welfare organisation? *
If yes, please give some details:
Under what circumstances would you considering returning the animal to the rescue? *
Have you ever rehomed an animal previously? *
If yes please tell us about them
Please use this space to provide any further information you believe we might find useful in considering your application
Where did you hear about Purrs Cat Rescue? *
Please provide name and contact phone number for your vet for the purpose of a reference check
As with humans cats are susceptible to the effects of people smoking in the same room so we recommend that that smoking does not take place in the same rooms as the cats
Please note: we carry out home visits for all potential adopters.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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