Our Image Licensing Info & Questionnaire
The licensing of an image (photography made, painted or digitally created, etc.) occurs when the creator /owner sells the intangible right to use their image to a customer for further commercial use, while retaining ownership of the image. Thus, the income arises not from the sale of a tangible print, but from Licensing the use of the intangible property. Typical rights granted to customers include the right to publicly display, exhibit, publish, reproduce or to create another product.

It is important that we retain documentation establishing the nature of the transaction to comply with Washington State Dept. of Revenue's Rules and Regulations. "The invoice, contract or other instrument of sale must clearly state the specific intangible rights that are being granted to the user of the photo. The fact that the invoice may have a line item for “licensing” or “rights of usage” fees is not, in and of itself, determinative if the exact rights are not also described."

We set prices in-line with the 'going rate' of other entities that have large photograph collections in Washington State which is somewhere between Getty Images and the Public Institution Collection at University of Washington and the WA State History Museum.

With the information given in your answers below you will be provided a Price Quote ~ and probably a phone call to discuss ~ so, please fill our Licensing Form out as completely as possible to expedite the process.

If you agree with our Price Quote, you will receive a Contract/Agreement for Licensing and an Invoice via Email.

Upon receipt of your Payment the Digital Image File/s will be made available to you for download in the size and format necessary for your project, usually via Dropbox. Payment can be made online through our easy and preferred method of PayPal using major Credit or Debit cards..Or, over the phone if necessary.

Turn Around time for receiving Digital File/s is typically between 3- 7 days if the negative has been digitized and prepped.

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