Interested in taking part in our studies with your child?

Fantastic! Then please take a moment to fill in some details, and we will contact you as soon as we can. Depending on the age of your child and on which studies we are running at the moment, we may want to see you sometime soon or in a few months. We will get back to you shortly regardless.

The details we ask are meant to help us in contacting the right parents at the right time. For example, in a particular study that might be nearly complete, we may only need to see two-year-old girls because we would already have enough boys in our sample. By answering all questions, you help us in contacting you only when appropriate.

Please rest assured that your details are stored safely offline, will only be used by University of Otago researchers in the Department of Psychology, and won't be shared with any third party whatsoever. We are very grateful for your help and value your privacy.
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Is your baby growing up in a bilingual home? (This might be because the language spoken at home is not English or because one parent speaks to them in a different language to the other. Please feel free to add any details in the Comments section below). *
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