UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference - 2019
Breakout Session Proposals
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Thursday, September 26, 2019 | Utah Cultural Celebration Center | West Valley City, Utah
Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for UNA’s Annual Nonprofit Conference. We look forward to reading your submission. Proposals will be accepted until June 5, 2019. We will communicate our final selections by July 5, 2019.

Please review our Insider Notes for creating your presentation, if you have not already done so. You will find the notes here: https://utahnonprofits.org/training-events/una-annual-nonprofit-conference/breakout-session-proposals-insider-notes

The UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference attracts over 500 participants—including attendees, exhibitors, and presenters—from around the state. Attendees from nonprofit organizations of every size comprise the majority of participants. Year after year, these participants tell us that they attend the UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference to stay current, network, and attend our breakout sessions. Breakout sessions provide relevant, actionable, state-of-the-art presentations on topics of importance to our members. Presentations give participants more ideas and more capacity to enhance their mission.

Presenters Receive Free Admission to the Conference
All selected presenters are invited to join us at the conference for free. UNA is unable to provide honoraria or reimburse presenters for travel costs or other expenses incurred in the development of presentations.

Important Details
Proposals are due by midnight on Monday, June 5, 2019.
The conference begins at 8:00 am and lasts until 4:00 pm. In addition to the keynote address and an awards luncheon, the conference includes three 55 minute breakout-session time slots, with a total of 24 different breakout sessions (the purpose of this RFP).

UNA Policy on Breakout-Session Content
UNA conference sessions are noncommercial. Presenters should refrain from using brand names and endorsing specific products. Under no circumstances should a conference podium be used as a place for promoting a speaker’s product, service, or monetary self-interest. UNA will provide projectors, audio, and a conference app which can be used to provide participants with handouts and copies of slides. Any other materials required for the presentations are the responsibility of the presenter.

What to Include in the Allotted 55 Minute Breakout Session
- Please allow 5 minutes at the beginning of your for the attendees to settle and our room host to introduce you.
- Please allow 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for attendees to complete the breakout survey.

Please note that our committee will select breakout session proposals that:
- are interactive, practical, and skills-based,
- cover the subject matter at an intermediate or higher level,
- address new ways of solving problems,
- have clear learning objectives that directly relate to our theme: "Connect NOW!"
- when based on personal or organizational narrative provide, as a specific and identifiable part of the presentation,
operational takeaways for participants
- provide solutions along functional areas (for example, fundraising) that would also work for smaller nonprofits
- include time for the survey at the end of the breakout session

Selected presenters agree to adhere to UNA presentation style guidelines (provided to selected presenters at the time of their selection) and strongly encourage attendees to complete UNA's surveys. UNA will provide this survey via its conference app. Presenters also agree to provide photos to use in the marketing of the conference and acknowledge that UNA may choose to reference specific presenters and presentations in the marketing of the conference.

Presentations will be available to Conference attendees via UNA's conference app for three months after the conference.

Our Timetable
UNA will notify you of your selection status in early to mid July. For those selected, final presentations will be due to UNA on or before Wednesday, September 12, 2019. UNA may choose to conditionally accept some proposals provided that certain changes are made.

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