Pre-registration St. Pius X Faith Formation 2021-2022
Please help us to plan for next year's Faith Formation Calendar. Your pre-registration and feedback help us to plan our calendar and volunteer needs for next school year. Thank you!
Parent(s) Name *
Family Phone Number and Email *
Children's Names and Grades for Next School Year *
Will any of your children be preparing for First Reconciliation and Communion this year? (Typically takes place in 2nd or 3rd grade, but older grades are okay too!)
Will any of your children be preparing for Confirmation this year? (Typically a two-year commitment starting in 9th or 10th grade, but older grades are okay too!)
What days of the week do you prefer for Faith Formation? *
We hope to establish a more "normal" faith formation routine beginning next fall. What are some of the main things you would like us to consider when planning next year's faith formation year?
Any other feedback about faith formation? (Positives or constructive criticisms welcome.)
Would you be willing to volunteer for Faith Formation next year? If yes, how would you be willing to help? (Catechist, classroom assistant, phone calls, family events, retreats, etc.)
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