7th Grade Getty Trip Chaperone Form (3/10/2020)
Chaperones will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware before completing this form that the main responsibility of a chaperone is to help supervise students during the chartered school bus ride to and from The Getty as well as being responsible for a group of students while at The Getty. Therefore, riding the bus with the students is mandatory. If your child requires a medical shadow per his/her 504 or IEP, you DO NOT need to complete this form and will be contacted by school staff directly.
7th Grade Student's First Name *
7th Grade Student's Last Name *
Parent or Guardian's First and Last Name who would like to chaperone (must be 18 years of age) *
Chaperone's cell phone number *
Acknowledgement: I understand that I must ride the bus and am responsible for helping supervise the students during the ride to and from The Getty. I acknowledge I will be responsible for a group of students while visiting The Getty Museum. I also understand that I may be asked to assist while on the grounds of Magic Mountain and will have my cell phone as a means of contact while at the park. I will be notified by mid-April if I have been selected as a chaperone. *
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