2019 Annual Network Delaware Survey
Thank you so much for taking time to fill out this brief survey about Network Delaware and how we can improve. We constantly wish to learn and grow as an organization, so your feedback about what we should continue to do and where we should change is invaluable.

~Team Network Delaware
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What is your role with Network Delaware? (Please select all that apply.) *
How long have you been a part of Network Delaware? *
Would you recommend Network Delaware to others? *
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What's your level of support for the following Network Delaware activities? *
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Very unsupportive
Policy change / Issue campaigns
Workshops on running for office
Organizer and training programs
Increasing voter turnout
Identity-specific organizer training programs (e.g. Ella Baker Black Organizers Group, Latinx organizers group, etc.)
Civic Action Alerts
People's Congress
Network Action Teams
Holding elected officials accountable
What issues should Network Delaware prioritize? *
How often have you been involved in the following activities? *
Very frequently
Somewhat frequently
Somewhat infrequently
Very infrequently
Contacting a legislator about a policy
Reading the local news
Taking civic action in my own community or neighborhood
Volunteering on a local political campaign
Volunteering on a local issue campaign (e.g. to push a cause such as education, criminal justice reform, health, etc.)
Attending a public body meeting (e.g. school board, city/county council, or at the General Assembly)
Attending a community meeting, event, or action
How effective is Network Delaware at implementing the following? *
Very effective
Somewhat effective
Somewhat ineffective
Very ineffective
Volunteer management/involvement
If you've been involved in any action, issue campaign, or training/event put on by Network Delaware, where did you sign up for our event? *
Personal assessment *
Strongly agree
Slightly agree
Slightly disagree
Strongly disagree
I believe I have a role to play in the political process
I am part of a dedicated team that "gets stuff done"
I understand how to push for intersectional justice (e.g. race, gender, economic status, etc.)
I know how to make an impact in my community
I am (or I already have) committed to organizing over the long-haul for social change
I believe I'm involved in making change
Network Delaware overall reflections *
Strongly agree
Slightly agree
Slightly disagree
Strongly disagree
Network Delaware has had a positive impact on my own life
I feel motivated being around other Network Delaware members and volunteers
Network Delaware has helped me improve my own skills and knowledge
Network Delaware is one of the best organizations at getting regular people involved in making change
Network Delaware has excellent Leadership Development initiatives
Network Delaware has excellent Civic Engagement initiatives
Network Delaware has excellent Policy Change initiatives
Short Answer Questions
Feel free to answer 1, all, or none of the following short answer questions. We appreciate any feedback you have to share!
What makes Network Delaware unique and valuable?
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How would you describe Network Delaware in 1 word?
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(Key Learning) What's one thing you've personally learned while being part of Network Delaware?
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(Delta) How could Network Delaware change and/or improve?
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(Plus) What is Network Delaware doing well and/or you want us to keep doing?
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Do you have any questions/comments/or additional feedback for us?
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Testimonial - Do you have a story or experience of being part of Network Delaware you wish to share with the broader community?
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Demographic Questions
If desired, for any of the following questions you may choose the option "Prefer not to disclose"
What is your race and/or ethnicity? Choose all that apply. *
What is your gender identity? Choose all that apply. *
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