The 2019 Ian Mumford Award
The British Cartographic Society’s Ian Mumford Award is intended to encourage and recognize excellence in original cartographic research undertaken by university or college students who have been engaged in full- or part-time study:

• towards a recognized academic qualification (see Rule 1); and
• where cartography, maps or mapping forms the principal subject of research (see Rule 3).

Cartography is described as the art, science and technology of mapmaking. The Ian Mumford Award will focus on the study of cartography (including maps and/or mapping) that demonstrates quality of original academic research in the form of an individual research project. The research project may include the application of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Science (GIS), or other software or hardware as necessary, but where cartography, maps or mapping forms its principal subject of investigation.
Each submission (one entry per person) will be assessed by a specially appointed panel of judges and monitored by the Council of the British Cartographic Society (BCS). Only research projects undertaken as an individual study are eligible for submission and it is essential that cartography, maps or mapping forms the subject of the submitted research project (see Rule 3).
The Award will be presented at the BCS-SoC Conference, usually held in September. The Award will consist of a £200 prize, a certificate, and membership of the BCS for one year. The BCS will also meet the cost of the Gala Dinner for the winner and one guest, and will contribute towards off-peak travel expenses.

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