Archivability Questionnaire (Planning Stage)

This form is intended to survey the technical specifications and archivability of your project so that we can determine, as early in the process as possible, the best publication plan for your project. As your publisher, we at Stanford University Press are invested in sustaining your project to the best of our ability; but the rapidly evolving nature of technology means we, like all publishers of digital content, are naturally limited in our ability to predict the potential degradation of the many complex and dynamic programs currently in use by scholars in the digital humanities and social sciences.

The information you and your collaborators provide here will help us work with you to plan the appropriate path for long-term sustainability of your project. This information will also determine the specialized internal technical review your project will require. We have kept this form as short as possible to make it easier for you to respond quickly, but please be as detailed as possible with your answers.

Please contact the Digital Production Associate, Jasmine Mulliken (, with any questions you have as you complete this form. We realize that certain prompts are more applicable to some projects than others, and we are happy to help you determine the kind of information we’re looking for as it pertains to your unique situation.

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