2018 DPH Phone Bankers General Election
Mahalo for agreeing to be a Phone Banker for the Democratic Party of Hawai'i (DPH) for the 2018 General Election on Tuesday, November 6!

Phone Banking is part of the DPH's Poll Watching program, which serves 2 purposes:
1. Making sure we find out which Democrats has not voted so we can contact them and get our fellow Democrats to the polls. (Hence the phone banking)
2. Ensure that ALL voters get to cast their vote.

There will be a training prior to the General Election but phone bankers are not required to attend.

To be a phone banker you just have to be a member of Democratic Party of Hawai'i. We are working to have an Phone Banking center for the General Election day in each county & two for Hawai'i County.

Please fill out the following information and a member of Membership Committee will be in contact with you!


DPH Membership Committee

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