AdmitSee & UnCollege: "Should I Take a Gap Year?"
While attending college straight out of high school is a given for many students, it's worth considering whether you're ready to dive into another 4 years of schooling after 12 consecutive years in school.

For some students, a gap year is a way to preempt burnout. For others, a gap year represents adventure, financial opportunity, or alternative outside-of-the-classroom experiences. According to one gap year study, nearly three out of four respondents said that taking a gap year increased their readiness for college.

Whether pursuing a 4-year college degree is part of your journey, discover the benefits (and drawbacks) of taking a gap year and how you can strategize your next step. It may inspire you to take on a new uncharted challenge or reaffirm that you're already on the right path.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2016 at 5PM PST (8PM EST)

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