Serene Hills Elementary Gal & Guy Dance RSVP
Please let us know if you will be able to join us for this incredible first annual community building father/daughter dance event! This event is COMPLETELY FREE thanks to SHE PTO! The event includes dancing and refreshments. Hope you can join us.

This event is for current SHE lady AND an adult guest of their choice! Each SHE student requires adult supervision (at least one adult per family).

Number of Gals (SHE Girls)
This event if for SHE gals and their guys. Please let us know how many gals (aka currently enrolled SHE girls).
Number of Guys (or Adults)
This event if for SHE gals and their guys. Current SHE ladies are welcome to invite dad, grandpa, uncle or even mom or someone else. There should be one adult per family. Please let us know how many adults to expect.
Adult First Name
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Adult Last Name
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Adult Email
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Wish You Could Attend?
So sorry if you can't join us this time! Hopefully we get to see you at our next community building event!
Want to purchase a corsage for your lady to be picked up at the event? A portion of the proceeds will go back to SHE PTO.
Corsages can be purchased through the Serene Hills PTO website.
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Want More Info, to Help with this Event or Events Like This?
You can contact Erin Warner, for more information about this event or future events like this.
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