ST4T Call for Proposals 2019
Superior Schools and Plato Academy is proud to announce that the Call for Proposals for the ST4T 2019 Conference is now open. (ST4T 2019 DATES: JUNE 5-7, 2019).
Please submit a proposal for a 50-60 min presentation. You are free to structure your presentation the way that best fits your style (e.g. formal presentation for 45-50 min with 10 min Q&A, hands-on lab, round table format, etc.).
As always, registration is complementary for all lead presenters (includes the June 5 pre-conference day, plus the two-day main event June 6-7).
We will try to send out the letters of acceptance within 10 days of the deadline. THE DEADLINE FOR THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR ST4T 2019 IS FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2019.
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