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Personality Inventory Assessment - 031419343
Bronze Membership - 040119444
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You may still participate in the survey, but only to participate as the winners have been drawn.

Dear Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group (PAGCG) friend,

This will take about 10 minutes to answer 23 questions, pending the length of your answers. You will be entered to win an annual Bronze membership ($35) or a personality inventory assessment ($80) for your participation in this anonymous survey that must be completed in Jan 2020. The winner will be drawn by the end of January 2020 via The survey is being conducted by Dr. Laura Dowling and we have extended participation until the end of the month so we have a statistically significant amount of responses.

We want to ensure that we are providing value to our attendees. Feedback is a very important component in our continuous effort to provide professional development through education, resources, support services, and networking connections to the unemployed, the underemployed, the self-employed, and the employed as well as the organizations that employ them.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary resulting in no foreseeable risks to you. Your contributions will be confidential. PAGCG will examine aggregate data and will not attribute any information to a specific individual. Although there is no direct benefit to you, the benefit of your participation is better-targeted program services to meet the specific needs of our group. Winners will self identify to PAGCG through a self-generated unique ID (see last question).

Please tell us about yourself and your experience.
1) What is your zip code?
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2) Categorize your employment status:
3) "Describe your work industry (i.e., Consulting, Financial Management, Nursing, Staffing and Recruiting, Financial Management, etc.)
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4) What is / was your job title?
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5) What is / was your salary level?
6) What is your age?
7) Do you participate in any other similar career or networking groups? (e.g., BENG, CPENG, ChemPharma, etc.) If yes, please list.
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8) How often do you attend our meetings?
9) What chapters did you attend most often?
10) Did you attend any special events?
11) Which events did you find most valuable and WHY? (speaker events, non-speaker Career Success Groups, workshops?)
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12) Are you aware of the benefits of a Bronze membership?
13) Are you seeking a new job?
14) If applicable, how many months have you been / were you unemployed?
15) How would you rate your overall experience with the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group?
16) If applicable, briefly describe what has been the most frustrating to you in your job search?
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17) What topics have been or would be the most valuable to you?
18) What topics or services (other than those listed above) have been / would be most valuable to you?
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19) Would a local job board on our website be helpful to you?
20) Our Career Success Groups (non-speaker jobseeker support meetings) will always be free. In 2020, our speaker meetings for Bronze members will be free. If you are not a Bronze member, what is a reasonable price for a speaker meeting?
21) For paid workshops, what is a reasonable hourly rate you would pay for a speaker? Check all that apply.
22) We always want to improve the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group experience, so we would like to hear what's work and how we can do better.
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23) OPTIONAL > Please enter your birthday month and day and zip code in the format of MMDDxxxxx to be entered in the drawing for a free Bronze membership ($35) and a personality inventory assessment ($80). We will use to draw the winner by the end of January 2020 once we have a statistically significant number of participants and you will have to identify yourself and contact us when the 2 winning numbers are announced. Check on our social media platforms for the winning numbers by the end of Jan: website, LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn company page, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, meetup announcement, and MailChimp newsletter announcement. Proof of identification necessary only for the winners per the number sequence. Again type below as follows: MMDDxxxxx (xxxxx for zip code) Only participants who have answered all questions will be eligible to win.
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