Crash Course Research Methods
Watch the Crash Course Psychology episode on Research Methods (#2– Linked on the course website) and answer the series of thought questions below relating to psychological research.
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Research and Experimentation
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1. What is research bias and how can it lead to over confidence? *
2. Why is it not wise to always trust your intuition and how does that lead to the reasoning behind the use of certain methods in psychological research? *
3. What does it mean to operationalize your question and how does it factor in to formulating a testable thesis? *
4. Why is replicating results important? How do case studies complicate this factor, but why are they also important? *
5. What is naturalistic observation and what is the rationalization behind it? *
6. Why is it important that psychologists are careful in their wording of questions on things like surveys and interviews? *
7. Define Sampling Bias and Random Bias. *
8. What is the difference between correlation and causation? *
9. What are Placebos and Double Blind procedures and why are their important in the collection of data? *
10. In your own words describe the procedure you would have to go through in order to evaluate the methods a psychologists used in a particular study. (Include at least 5 factors you would need toconsider) *
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