OpenDeFi Alpha Testers (ORO Pioneers)
We’re looking for a group of expert alpha testers who can help us with the OpenDeFi Testnet and will be known as ORO PIONEERS.😎

This is a limited access event⏳, so it will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.

ORO PIONEERS will get early access to new releases, features and be awarded with perks 🎁 & benefits.💰

If you wish to be an ORO pioneer, please read below.

With ORO Pioneers we intend to onboard early adopters who can help us in finding bugs 🐞 and problems with the product, in terms of usability, security, tech etc.

Some features have not yet been completed, so this is NOT the final product.

To join, 1️⃣Fill out this form 📋

2️⃣Our team will reach out with further instructions 📧, and

3️⃣We’ll add you to the Oropocket Alpha Testnet group on Telegram.

Thanks and see you, ORO Pioneer!!🤝 🚀
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