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안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo! Thank you for your interest in joining Jang-mi Korean Dance, Drum & Music! Please fill out the registration form for the Jang-mi 2019 - 2020 class season and submit online. If preferred, forms may be printed out and mailed to: 2723 Crown Hill Court, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.

Thank you for supporting Korean traditional dance, drum & music, arts and artist! Jang-mi promotes respect & pride in Korean cultural heritage and fostering a greater understanding for our community and families. All are welcome to learn and enjoy Korean culture and arts!

No Art, No Life!
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Jang-mi History & Information
Jang-mi Korean Dance, Drum & Music was founded in 1984 and originally called Chang-mi Korean dance. The name spelling was changed and to reflect the modern romanization of Korean hangeul. “Jang-mi” means “rose” in the Korean language, a favorite flower of my teacher, Han, ji-won. This group was formed so children adopted from Korea could have culturally Korean role-models, learn about Korean culture all year round, and have other adoptees to make friends. The Jang-mi leadership is Brooke Jee-in Newmaster, Holly Shin young Knudson and Soo-jin Lee.

Jang-mi makes sure to remember the sole reason this group came into being was because many of us were not able to grow up in the culture of our blood and birth. We will spend a lifetime trying to find it again. Today, Korean adoptees, children of Korean adoptees, their siblings and family members, Korean and Korean Americans, and non Korean people that enjoy learning about Korean culture and arts. Everyone is welcome!

Vision: Jang-mi (Pronounced: Jah-ng mee) Korean Dance, Drum & Music imagines a community where Korean adoptees, their families, Korean and Korean Americans, and non-Korean people can learn about Korean traditional arts and perform them with respect and pride.

Mission: To provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment for all to learn about the Korean performing arts, promote pride in Korean cultural heritage and support Korean adoptees and their children.

Classes are held in Saint Paul at: 1330 Blair Avenue North, St. Paul, MN 55104
On occasion we will have classes at the White Bear Lake district center or high school. You will be notified by email when we have a venue change.

If you register for classes in Rochester you will be emailed the address for Monday classes.
Class Choices
Jang-mi students who participate in a one class time pay a monthly fee (due by the first class date each month) of $115. Two class times is $155. Three class times is $175. Half hour classes are included with the hour/hour fifteen classes that are related. -- Please discuss this option with Brooke & Holly if you have questions, as well if you are a new student or enrolling your child. NEW adult students or KAWA & AK Connection members, please email inquires about class placement, fees or other questions at:

Lesson material is accumulative and attendance is important. Of course students will miss a lesson or two because of conflicting activities, family obligations, illness, etc. The student or student's parent/guardian is responsible for letting the teachers know ahead of missing lessons when possible and arranging a make-up class time. Arrangements can be made with the teachers if scheduled within 3 days of the missed lesson and then made up within 2 weeks. Jang-mi performs many times each year for the community at the recital, lunar new year, festivals and events. The lessons are taught so the students can gain confidence in themselves and can enjoy performing! If a student does not wish to perform, that is okay! Each student is different and Jang-mi teachers are mindful to support different learning styles and students with performance anxiety. Jang-mi students are encouraged to participate in performances but will never be forced. Showing our community and families the hard work and pride in Korean cultural heritage is a wonderful thing. Lessons should be fun and empowering. Students and parents should let the teachers know if performance isn’t their goal. The choreography of the dances depend on who and how many performers are in each piece ~ so performance attendance is important for teachers to know in advance. Students can enroll by the semester or by the year and need to attend class regularly.

Class times that are overlapping will practice different material and sometimes be joined together for rehearsal. Please check all that apply. Students are welcome (and encouraged) to observe the other classes. Mentorship and role model opportunities often happen in between the actual lesson times ~ please take advantage of the time we have together for younger kids to spend time with the older kids. Likewise for making fellowship with Jang-mi + AK Connection and K.A.W.A. members. Lessons are designed for learning new material each week as well as continually practicing ongoing pieces.

Gayageum classes are offered Saturday afternoon with Soo-jin Lee. Please email her with any questions! Email: . A new beginner class will be at 3:00 pm on Saturdays. No prior experience necessary!
Saint Paul
1330 Blair Avenue North, St. Paul, MN 55104 + a White Bear Lake alternative site when we need a location change
Saturday Classes [Saint Paul]
Tuesday Practice [Saint Paul]
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Rochester, Minnesota
Rochester students are invited to take the corresponding Saint Paul lesson (and vice versa) at no additional fee. The location address will be emailed to you after registration.
Monday [Rochester]
Class Fees
Please check what classes you are registering for:
Student Information
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Parent Information
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Performance Hanbok Rental
Students can own/purchase their own hanbok or pay an annual rental fee. You may decide this option at a later date when you know more details. We will discuss the different costuming and expenses with each class, on September 7th on the first day of class and open house. Students will be measured for their proper size and new hanbok will be ordered in October.

All performance hanbok are purchased and shipped from Korea. Orders for new hanbok need to be in by October 1st, 2019. New dance hanbok are anywhere between $175 - $450, and Samulnori drum hanbok is $135 - $250. A rental option is so you can decide if you want to own your own or would like to rent. Owning hanbok is encouraged if possible ~ it is a special keepsake for the kids.

Crowns, hats, shoes, socks, bloomers -- all need to be owned by each student. Order forms will be available on September 7th. Measurements will be taken during class. Some shoe sizes will be available at class.
Indicate your preference ~ payments can be made at class.
Volunteer Information
Jang-mi events (such as the Lunar New Year, Recital and community performances) count on volunteerism. If you have a skillset that you are willing to share with the group, please let us know! Your time, energy and kindness is appreciated!

Please check if interested. You will work together with JM leadership to help make our group stronger! Checking the box only indicates interest-- it doesn't commit you yet! Thanks for considering!
Payment Options
Please indicate what payment option you would like. Zelle is a money transfer service that is free, secure and is used by many banks and credit unions including Wells Fargo, Bank of America and many others. For you convenience, you may set up a reoccurring payment between the 1st - 7th of the month.
Payment Schedule
Support events, performances, guest artists, leadership development and further educational opportunities. For the 2019 - 2020 season, Jang-mi will work to make collaborations with a wide range of artists, community and cultural experts, talented adoptees and Korean and Korean American performers. Your support is appreciated and will help these projects to develop and strengthen our community.
Please indicate the amount and what you would like your donation to support! Thank you!
Thank you for filling out this long registration form! You will receive a confirmation email that we have received it as well as a link to a google calendar for classes and performances. If you have multiple children you are registering, please only fill out the class choice and pertinent info (skip doubling the basic address info). 감사합니다 Kamsahamnida! Thanks!
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