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Are you interested in working on innovative and multidisciplinary projects? Then joining a Student Team or Student Startup is just the thing for you! Don't miss the upcoming "Student Team Recruitment Event" on June 8th from 16:00 till 18:30 on the TU/e Campus at Senaatszaal in the Auditorium. 🏘️

The event will host 30 Student Teams & Startups in total! Each having unique opportunities for students. Furthermore, those who sign up via this registration form will receive a badge with the chosen role: The Hipster, The Hacker or The Hustler.

Additionally, those with the badge are offered free drinks during the event (so don't forget to sign up 😉). If you don't sign up, fear not you can always just walk in during the event. Bring a friend!

Student Team Recruitment Event is a collaboration between Innovation Space, Kickoff EHV, The Gate and Educational Institutions of the Eindhoven region (Fontys, Summa College & Eindhoven University of Technology). We're organizing this event to help students enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team that prepares them for the real world and creates a more collaborative approach for all educational institutions so we hope to see you there! 😏
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The Three Roles
The Hipster: Usually working their way into the mix as the designer or creative genius, they'll make sure the final product is cooler than anything else out there. In charge of making a product marketable.

The Hacker: Hackers are your typical tech heads who routinely appear more machine than human. With a knack for spreadsheets, data and all things logistics based, the hacker is in charge of arguably the hardest of tasks — creating the actual product. The Hacker is also most likely to sit quietly through a board meeting until uttering the three sentences that answers the all important question of "how?" the new idea or initiative can be brought into reality.

The Hustler: They have the tendency to be the most misunderstood member of this trio. Hustlers are the key to selling a product to the masses, as their way with words could get anyone on board with their vision. Hustlers are hyper-fixated on making sure that the clients' needs are being fulfilled and asking questions such as "It's cool, but is it something our partners and clients want?".
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