Addressing Bioanalysis in Clinical Trials during COVID-19
We want to know how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your work so we can bring up these results for discussions at our upcoming Friday Roundtable Event on Nov. 6 and share the general status of the industry on how these challenges have been handled.
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1. Did you have to change your traditional bioanalytical workflows for sample collection, shipment, and analysis? *
If yes, what changes and did they have a major impact on your processes?
2. Did you experience a disruption, delays of reagents, lab or medical supplies? *
If Yes, what were these interruptions?
3. Did you experience delays or disruptions on the enrollment or site closures during your clinical trials? *
If yes, what types of COVID-19 impacts have you experienced?
4. Did you have to or will you try to use non-validated PK/ADA assays for or any other type of filing package for COVID-19 or any other therapeutics? *
If you did, was it accepted by the Health Authority?
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5. Did you explore the option of banking samples and testing later acceptable for EUA, BLA or any other type of filing with regulatory agencies? *
If you did, was it acceptable to the Health Authority?
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