Application for a Financial Aid (PyCon Ukraine 2017)
Applications are accepted until March 14, 2017
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PyCon Ukraine is a non-for-profit conference and it's aim is to unite as much python developers as it can. It is especially interested to provide possibility to visit the conference to people who cannot afford this. The conference provides a special tool to achieve this - Financial Aid.

Financial Aid recipients will have their expenses (which can include travel, hotel, registration) paid partially or in full with the PyCon Ukraine budget. The organizational committee actively encourages people to apply for financial aid. It welcomes and encourages applications from students, university teachers, OSS contributors, people with disabilities, etc. While the organizational committee wish it could give grants to everyone who applies, it does not have the funds to do that. It's goal is to get the most people to PyCon Ukraine by optimizing the funds it has.

In short, we use the financial aid budget to help individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference.

The financial aid program is about the community nurturing itself by making itself more accessible at PyCon Ukraine. It is true to the spirit of PyCon, by helping to make the information and interactions available to everyone.

The mission of the PyCon Ukraine is to promote and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse community of Python programmers. We believe that the financial aid program is aligned with these goals.

How it works:
People, who are granted PyCon Ukraine Financial Aid, will get a reimbursement for their expenses for traveling to Lviv and accommodation in Lviv during conference days (special restrictions apply) and conference registration fee in full or partly.

Reimbursement for travel, accommodation and conference registration expenses will be done in cash during the conference days.

Special restrictions for travels and accommodations:

- We will reimburse cost of roundtrip 2nd class train ticket from recipient's city to Lviv (if that city is within Ukraine). The recipient will need to provide copies of tickets on the conference to receive reimbursement.

- If a person is traveling internationally, we should negotiate travel plans after application is accepted but before actual tickets are bought to be sure a recipient will receive reimbursement they expect.

- We will reimburse cost of accommodation in a hostel in Lviv. The recipient will need to provide copies of receipts, showing that the recipient has paid for his accommodation in full to receive a reimbursement.

- All travel and accommodation plans should be negotiated with the organizational committee before the conference.

- The organizational committee does not report the reasons of it's decision.

- The decision on the financial aid is final and not subject to appeal.

- Any information provided by an applicant will be kept private and won't be used for anything besides making a decision about an application.

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