Wednesday Evenings at St. Jude's Survey
We're planning to start Wednesday Evenings at St. Jude's again September 4th and we need your feedback, particularly for how we should do Wednesday Evening dinners. The planned schedule is: 5:30-6:15 Wednesday dinner/6:20-7:00 Adult & Youth Christian Education classes & Children & Youth Choir/7:00-8:00 Adult Choir
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Please check each of the activities that you and your family plan on attending on Wednesday evenings at St. Jude's
If you plan to attend Wednesday evening dinner on regular basis, please indicate how many adults and how many children. (We're trying to get a headcount.)
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To have Wednesday evening dinner, we need someone to coordinate/lead. Would you be willing to be our coordinator/leader? (The coordinator would be responsible for coordinating the volunteers; purchasing supplies like placemats, tea, aluminum pans and other needed kitchen supplies--a Sams card is provided; counting and turning in the money from the dinners; and seeing the kitchen is ready for use for the next group.)
Would you be willing to provide an evening dinner?
If you would be willing to provide an evening dinner, how often?
Would you be willing to help with setup? (Setup has included putting the dishes, silverware, and cups out; making the tea; putting out the placemats, and salt and pepper and butter when needed)
Would you be willing to help with cleanup? (Wiping down tables, dishes, taking out the trash)
How do you think we can provide Wednesday evening dinners. (example: Chef of the Week, pot luck, catered, etc)
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The price of food has gone up. What is reasonable price to charge for Wednesday evening dinners for adults/children/family? (In the past it was $3.50/adult, $3.00/child, $10.00/family)
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