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The purpose of this short survey is to gather insight about your experience with Buzztime in order to create a new website. All submissions are anonymous.
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1. Which title best describes your position? *
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3. How long have you been a customer of [Client Name]? *
4. Did you visit [clientwebsite.com] before reaching out? *
4A. If so, did it lead you to reach out?
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5. How did you contact [Client Name]? *
6. When considering [Client Name] what attracted you? *
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7. What were you looking to achieve with [Client Name]? Check all that apply. *
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9. How has [Client Name] affected your business? *
10. How would you describe [Client Name]? *
11. If you were to tell one of your personal connections that you thought could benefit from [Client Name], what would you say? *
12. What was the determining factor in deciding to work with [Client Name]? *
13. Rate the difficulty in understanding what [Client Name] offers. *
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14. Rate the difficulty of finding answers to your questions on [clientname.com] *
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15. What questions did the website not answer?
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