World Materials Forum 2020
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1st survey on KPIs
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How important is material efficiency for your industry? *
What are the key drivers for material efficiency within your industry? (Select max 3) *
What are the material efficiency KPI’s that are the most relevant and best translate into value creation for your company? (Select max 5) *
What do you believe are the major drivers that support adoption of industry-wide standard KPIs? (disregard if you do not believe industry-wide standard KPIs are relevant)
What do you believe are the most important challenges to creating a common Material efficiency reporting standard for your industry? *
2nd survey on International Chapters
What is the major challenge for your industry to come? *
How for your industry / firm could be defined the concept of truly reconciling economy and environment? *
In that perspective what could be (for your industry / firm) the 5 priorities that could feed an evolution? *
And then the top 5 innovations as major tools to increase economic growth / use natural ressources / create Value more than the others? *
The ones you think will follow next?
The cop 21 / paris agreement objective of reducing co2 emissions should be coupled with ( what is your order of importance) : *
Buy to use
Final product usage rate
Energy consumption
Water consumption
End of life recycling
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Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin
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