World Music Trivia
For our Summer Reading Program "Libraries Rock" we created a quiz based on facts about music, performers, and instruments from around the world. None of the questions are required, but each question is worth two points each. See if you can get 100 points!

Quiz will be open from June 18th - August 9th, 2018. We'll release our top scorers at the end of the period.

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What were early instruments created from?
Prehistoric humans used music as an element in what ritual?
In West Africa the term "griot" refers to what?
The Chinese play an instrument called sheng, what is it?
Which Egyptian god was known as "lord of the sistrum"?
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Which Greek philosopher believed that there was a numerical relationship between the Moon, Sun, and planets that corresponded to musical harmony?
How old is the oldest surviving example of written music?
Where is it believed Mycenaean civilization got their musical traditions?
Where were Ocarinas popular to play?
Which pope is credited as the creator of Gregorian Chant?
The Pear Garden founded by Emperor Xuanzong was used for what purpose?
In 1361 a permanent organ is installed at Halberstadt, Germany; how many men did it take to operate the bellows?
How do you perform a Psalm in Jewish worship?
In what century do polyphonic rondels become popular?
What is this instrument?
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How does one play a hurdy-gurdy?
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This Moroccan instrument is made from tortoise-shell and is accompanied by singing and clapping, what is it?
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The musician Al-Farabi was born in which country in the 10th century? (two possible answers)
The 'ud was influential in the development of which musical instrument?
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The oldest playable flute from China made from the bone of a crane is how old?
Dutch physician, astronomer, and astrologer Henri Arnaut de Zwolle drew one of the earliest diagrams for which instrument?
In the "Book of the Courtier" published in 1528, Italy, author Baldassarre Castiglione believed that every courtier should be able to do what?
Who first started printing music?
Tablature indicates what on music?
The shawm is the predecessor to which instrument?
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Isabella d'Este helped cultivate the frottola which is what?
Which opera is considered the oldest surviving opera?
In which century does "Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees" become a masterpiece of kabuki theater in Japan?
Jacopo Peri and Ottavio Rinucinni create which new genre of music in 1594?
English composer Henry Purcell created which opera?
Famous Austrian composer, Johann Fux, held a musical post where in Vienna?
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What is the term for Japanese puppet theater?
Which kabuki actor is considered a Living National Treasure in Japan?
This set design painting was created for which opera?
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The New York Philharmonic and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras were founded in which year?
Niccolo Paganini was believed to have made a deal with the devil because he was a virtuoso of which instrument?
Which female opera singer is known as the Swedish Nightingale?
Flamenco is the music of the Gypsy soul and is popular in which country?
What is the name of the group of major composers who wanted to create a Russian nationalist school of composition?
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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is famous for creating what type of music?
Who is the Finnish composer that is considered the greatest national voice in Nordic countries?
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Who is the Brussels inventor credited with the invention of the saxophone?
Mei Lanfang is considered Peking's most renowned what?
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What year does the first concert of music of African-American origin, "From Spirituals to Swing" take place at Carnegie Hall?
In what city does Latin jazz musician Machito form his Afro-Cuban band?
What is the name of the type of music that came out after the Mexican-American War in the 1840s, which records heroic exploits, battles, crimes, and acts of betrayal?
Chavela Vargas is known as a singer of what in Mexico?
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Which composers are considered famous for their work in the music genre ragtime?
Who is this famous jazz musician?
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This famous jazz singer performed songs such as "Strange Fruit" and "Fine and Mellow", who is she?
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