Lesson 1: Worship as Habit
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Outcome: Understand how we are shaped as desiring beings and how we orient ourselves through our daily habits and worship to the God revealed in Jesus. Take a liturgical audit of your life practices.
Hear Jesus invitation to you "What do you want?" Write a brief prayer to God in answer
James K.A. Smith - "Taking a Liturgical Audit of Your Life"
Click the following link to watch in full screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bactDK2JV34
What are the most significant habits and practices that really shape your actions and attitudes – what you think and what you do?
What does your time look like? What practices are you regularly immersed in each week? How much time is spent doing different sorts of activities?
What do you think are the most important ritual focuses in your life? And if you are honest with yourself, are these positive (embodying the kingdom) or negative (values and desires antithetical to the kingdom)?
What do you think are some of the most potent practices of our culture?
If you step back and reflect on them, are there some habits and practices that you might have originally thought were neutral or thin but on further reflection, you see them as thicker or more significant?
Is there any way you see worship as a thick habit? How so? How not?
If Christian worship is a thick practice, what do you think are its most significant competitors?
Hear Jesus' question to you: "Do you love me?" How will you practice what you learned today? Who will you "feed"?
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