Folk Medicine Legacy
This short survey is to gather information on the traditions and history of folk medicine in North Georgia and surrounding areas that our families used to treat themselves at home or in the community. The information will be used and shared for the benefit of all our community. How it is shared (booklet, article, other?) will depend on the type of information gathered. Be sure to provide your email address if you want to be on the mailing list for the results.

Folk medicine was (is) the people's medicine. Mothers, grandmothers, neighbors, community herbalist or root doctors held the knowledge for common sense remedies and healing. Some of this knowledge and practice continues today in a few families. Much of the knowledge is lost with the passing of every generation. This survey is meant to collect as much of that information as possible, and to give credit where it is due for the keepers of this information. Please ask around in your family for further details and share here. Complete the form as many times as you need as new details are gathered.

Crystal Merrell, herbalist at crystal dawn herbs in Pickens County, can be contacted if you have any questions. or . Crystal was born and raised in Pickens County and is passionate about preserving this part of our history.
List the place you are from in North Georgia (or if it applies, list other places). You can check more than one box, but don't include a location unless it is meaningful to folk medicine in your life (or in the lives of your ancestors who used folk medicine).
Do you currently use some form of folk medicine in your home?
Folk Medicine includes any remedy that comes from plants, food, or other that is not pharmaceutical in nature. (example - yellow root for mouth sores)
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Did your family use some form of folk medicine in your home at any point in your life?
Think of the home that you grew up in - did anyone use it on themselves or you?
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Do you know of someone outside of your home who used to use some form of folk medicine?
This could be a neighbor, other family, someone you went to see, or someone who died before your time.
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Who used folk medicine in/for your family (or ancestors)?
Check all that apply
Describe your folk medicine use or history.
Please tell about the use of plants, food, or other that you or someone in your life/history has used as a folk remedy. Include NAMES, when they lived (GENERAL ERA), and location of the person who did folk medicine, what it was used for, where it came from, how it was prepared, and any other information you can remember. Spelling doesn't count - just please share as much information as you can.
Are you interested in folk medicine now?
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What time period were you born?
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Contact Information
Please supply contact information so that I can contact you if I have further questions about your submission. Also, I will use this information to share the results I have gathered with you. This section is optional.

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Please supply a phone number if it is ok for me to contact you with further questions about the information you supplied in this survey. (optional)
Please share your name so I can give you credit for sharing information in this survey. (optional)
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