CEN's Remote Learning Experience Survey
CEN(Communities Empowerment Network) is looking at ways that we can provide additional resources to support students who may fall/have fallen behind in their studies due to Coronavirus, as well as support for parents, to allow them to more effectively support their children's' learning at home.

About CEN:
CEN aims to support, advise, represent and reintegrate pupils excluded from school back into full-time, mainstream education.
We aim support and encourage parents/guardians to play an empowered role for the successful education and progress of their children.
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What has been your experience so far of home-schooling your child/ren?
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How prepared were you to fulfil this role?
Very prepared
Completely underprepared
What assistance have you had from the school?
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How consistent has this been in terms of individual teachers or if you have more than one child, different year groups/educational provisions?
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How has your child/ren responded to being home-schooled/receiving remote learning?
Very well
How has this affected your confidence in your ability to home-school your child?
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Would you be interested in learning how to better your ability to assist your child's learning?
How concerned are you that the lockdown will have a detrimental effect on your child/children's learning?
Not concerned
If you feel that your child/children's learning will be negatively affected, do you feel confident that s/he will be able to catch up once schools return to delivering a normal curriculum?
If the answer to Q.9 is 'NO', would you consider paying for your child/children to receive additional tutoring?
Are you able to afford a Tutor to assist your child/children's learning?
If the answer to Q.11 is 'YES', how much would you be prepared/able to afford per hour, per child?
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Would this arrangement be for the meantime just to allow your child/ren to catch up or might you consider this as a longer term arrangement?
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