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We want to engage people in taking a collective approach to building media and communication infrastructure and have this become a shared political project that unifies people working on a broad range of issues. Media and communication are vital to raising awareness, working together, and addressing all types of injustice and problems in our society. This project is about breaking down silos and isolation, so that media-makers and activists can work better together to support each other's efforts, and try to figure out what it would mean to unite together in building better media. We are using the Peoples Social Forum (PSF), August 21-24 in Ottawa, to hold a Movement Assembly that will bring people together on this issue for discussion, strategy and planning.

The Peoples Social Forum is a gathering bringing thousands together from across the country to build stronger social movements - see more at
Movement Assemblies are half-day large-scale strategy and discussion sessions taking place at the Forum - see more at

Also note there will be an Alternative Media Centre set up at the Forum as a work space and coordination centre for journalists and media makers who are covering the PSF. Collective projects produced by this media centre will include a live radio broadcast and a daily broadsheet newspaper about the forum. There is an ongoing process and coordination committee around that work as well.

This form is both a way to solicit input, ideas and direction on the Movement Assembly process, and also an 'intake form' to get your contact information and connect you in the proper way with the planning communications that are underway.

We will contact you if you leave your info, but you can also contact us:
- Movement Assembly planning process:
- Media Centre, PSF media coverage & communication coordination:


ALSO - please pass this link on to others who would be a good fit:

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