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PeerCorps is a year-long mentorship program inviting Jewish teens, b’nai mitzvah students and their families from all denominations to build deep relationships with one another and community-based work in Detroit.

Mentors begin with a ‘Gesher Week’ at the end of August. This immersive week of living, working and exploring together in Detroit provides an opportunity for mentors to develop mentorship skills, self-awareness, critical thinking, and to deepen their understanding of justice through connecting Jewish values to learning about self and society.

Over the course of the school year, Mentors work and learn alongside b’nai mitzvah students, aka “Mentees,” at designated service sites in Detroit. Mentors continue their learning and leadership development through creating and facilitating Mentee learning as well as their own monthly Elu V’Elu learning sessions. At the end of their PeerCorps experience, Mentees and Mentors create a “Bereishit” project, and Mentors help to plan and participate in a Closing Shabbaton.

Mentors will receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the program.

Entire Gesher Mentor training
Service visits 2-3 per month at a designated site with B’nai Mitzvah Mentees
Monthly Workshops/Programs called אלו ואלו / elu v'elu / or multiple voices
Help with Mentee recruitment
Plan and lead one Gesher Day for Mentees and their parents
Be an active and engaged role model alongside your Mentees
Participate in either MLK Overnight or Spring Program and Closing Program

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As part of your application, please include a letter of recommendation from an adult synagogue leader, past supervisor, adult advisor of youth group, professional, teacher, or coach. Email your letter to or mail to 2701 Bagley Avenue Detroit, MI 48216
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