Peshawar2.0 Scholarship Fund for Aspiring Designers, Coders and Artists
Peshawar 2.0 is a social enterprise which aims to rebuild and rebrand Peshawar by fostering the local startup ecosystem. We want to skill up our youth, especially university goers to build new businesses around their ideas.

Peshawar 2.0 is our dream.

City of Technology, Design and Art.

Peshawar2.0 has created a PKR 1 Million Scholarship Fund to provide accelerated education to Ten (10) aspiring Designers, Coders and Artists in NXTGEN 2016. NXTGEN (Next Generation) is a movement of young people. NXTGEN is designed as an accelerated and hands-on learning initiative for inspiring and educating our future techies, designers, artists and entrepreneurs in Peshawar2.0.

In 2015, more than 100 enthusiastic and passionate techies, designers and artists attended NXTGEN sprints and workshops at Basecamp. 70 individuals from 15 campuses in KPK were given scholarships, who received accelerated education in the areas of Technology, Design, Art, Communication, and Entrepreneurship.

Workshops and Sprints of NXTGEN

> Dress Up Your CV
> Learn the Art of Pencil Sketching
> Learn to Code iOS Apps
> Learn the Art of Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
> Master the Basics of Adobe Photoshop
> Build a Million-Dollar Android App
> How to Become a Better Photographer
> Arduino: Hands-On Introduction with Projects
> Learn How to Earn with Freelancing
> Biology going Digital: What is Bioinformatics & Computational Biology?
> Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator
> Become a Rockstar Social Media Marketer
> Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization
> Wordpress: Design Websites in 2 Hours
> Introduction to the Art of Calligraphy
> Create & Animate Stop Motion Videos
> Paint What you See: Introduction to Digital Painting
> Convert you Idea into a Startup
> Learn the Basics of Fashion Illustration

Eligibility, Selection Criteria and Application Process
Application Process
Scholarships will be given out on a merit basis (and judged by Team of Peshawar2.0). Successful applicants who are accepted will receive 20 days (100+ hours) of accelerated education during NXTGEN 2016. Apply Now by filling the Application Form below.

Number of Scholarships
Ten (10) aspiring Designers, Coders and Artists will be selected for NXTGEN 2016

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
> Must be over the age of 10
> Passionate about Making a Difference in the World
> NXTGENER is a Dreamer, Doer, Learner, Maker, Creator, DIYer, and Risk-Taker
> Passionate to Develop a Useful and Meaningful Product or Service
> Interested in Technology / Design / Engineering / Art / Entrepreneurship / Computer Science
> Excellent skills in one of the areas of (Coding / Written Communication / Art / Design / Marketing / Operations / Social Media Marketing)

We’ll be accepting applications until 30th March 2016 (10:00 pm PST) and will announce successful applicants on 31st March
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