Spring 2021 Rockwall County Library Survey
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Select the top three (3) reasons you visit the Library in person. *
How often do you visit the Library in person?
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When you visit the Library, do you usually bring children?
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Approximately how many print books do you check out per month?
Approximately how many digital books do you check out per month?
Please rate the Library in the following areas *
0 = Not Applicable
1 = Poor
2 = Fair
3 = Good
4 = Excellent
Selection of adult fiction books
Selection of adult nonfiction books
Selection of reference materials
Selection of magazines and periodicals
Selection of children’s books
Selection of digital books
Satisfaction with wait time for digital books
Helpfulness and knowledge of staff
Computer equipment and wifi
Comfort and cleanliness of the Library facility
Library hours
Online services (website, catalog, databases, and apps)
Adult classes and events
Teen classes and events
Children's classes and events
Would you recommend the Rockwall County Library to others?
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What is your age?
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Do you reside in Rockwall County?
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How many years have you lived in Rockwall County?
Approximately how many years have you had a Rockwall County Library card?
What do you like best about the Library?
What improvements do you feel the Library should make to improve your experience?
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