Pink Floyd tribute band "In The Flesh" concert at Red Room
Pink Floyd tribute band "In The Flesh" is in collaboration with Red Room to commemorate over 50 years of timeless music and theatrical stages from one of the world's most influential underground bands.

The venue will be neon lit for glow in the dark art, projection mapped visuals & motion graphics, glowing beverages, and live body painting!

「Pink Floyd tribute band "In The Flesh" concert」是一場為了紀念Pink Floyd,向這個經典的樂團致上最高敬意所辦的音樂會。當晚會用霓虹螢光藝術填滿整個空間,還有舞台投影、身體彩繪、動態視覺及彩色螢光飲料,任何會發光的東西都會在這裡出現。

時間 Time: 三月 March 31st (六 Sat.) 晚間12pm ~ 10pm

地點 Venus: 紅坊 Red Room International Village, TAF, Taipei

贊助費 Patronage: Pre-sale NT$300 / At the door NT$350


時間表 Event Schedule

6:30        Doors open
7:00         M.C. Welcome & Program Introduction
7:30 ~ 8:25   D.J. Red Beam (Techno/trance/house)
8:25 ~ 8:30   Story of PINK FLOYD
8:30 ~ 9:10   "IN THE FLESH" 1st set
9:10 ~ 9:20   D.J. Red Beam Intermission
9:20 ~ 9:30   Siaoning Glow Show
9:30 ~ 10:10  "IN THE FLESH" 2nd set
10:10 ~ 10:15  M.C. Closing Statements
10:15 ~ 11:00  D.J. Red Beam


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