CityServe POD (Point of Delivery) application Anaheim HUB
***Invitation to apply is extended to local churches***

Memorandum of Understanding.

CityServe has a vision to empower the local church to reach the broken and hurting from their community to the most unreached people in the world by leading with the gospel message. From the neighborhood to the nations is how we define this vision.

We understand and agree that Items received by a CityServe POD is not for sell or barter.
We view these resources as a tool to reach into communities and homes. We understand that this is not a “hand-out or give-away program”. When contacting a family we encourage you to observe, share God’s love and assess the possible needs of the family and make notes for potential assistance.

We agree that as a CityServe POD partner we will lead our assistance and donations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also make every attempt to bring them into a decision to follow Jesus and encourage them to connect with a local church.

We agree to partner with CityServe outreach or programs and provide volunteers when necessary. We agree to send and report stories and testimonies of families helped.
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