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Welcome to DC SAFE! Thank you so much your interest in volunteering with us. The success of our programs would not be possible without our volunteers. We are committed to creating meaningful community service experiences for both individuals and groups, and will work closely with you to develop opportunities that meet our needs and suit your interests, skills, and schedule. Please complete the form below and select the opportunities that are of most interest to you.
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One-Time Volunteer Opportunities
Please select the event(s) you are interested in, if any.
Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity: Survivor Welcome Bags
Welcome Bags are a great way for both groups and individuals to get involved in our work and create something that directly benefits survivors and their children. We create 3 types of bags: (1) for survivors who seek our assistance filing a Civil Protection Order at a Domestic Violence Intake Center, (2) for survivors and families who seek shelter at our SAFE Space Housing Program, and (3) for children who accompany their parent to a Domestic Violence Intake Center and/or stay in our shelter.

The contents of each Welcome Bag are listed below:

Intake Center Welcome Bags
1 water bottle
2 granola bars
1 cup of noodles (microwave safe) & plastic fork
DC SAFE materials (brochure, business card)
Optional: $10 Gift cards to a grocery store

Shelter Welcome Bags
1 toothbrush
1 travel size toothpaste
2 travel size shampoo
2 travel size conditioner
2 bar of soap OR travel size body wash
5 tampons
1 small pack of panty-liners
DC SAFE materials
Welcome card (handwritten by volunteers)

Welcome Bags for Children
1 small box of crayons
1 coloring book
1 granola bar
1 applesauce (squeezable or include a plastic spoon)
1 fruit snack
1 water bottle
Optional: Additional toy/stuffed animal

Based on the description above, please select the way(s), if any, in which you are interested in contributing to the Welcome Bags.
If you are interested in hosting a group activity, please list the group name and/or describe your group.
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Individual Skilled Volunteer Opportunities
Below are our current individual skilled volunteer needs. Please review the descriptions and answer the question below if you are interested.

Graphic Designer
5+ hours a week
To review training materials and suggesting edits to the design and outlook of our communication and training materials.
To help create or redesign outreach materials that help clients navigate resources in DC and the criminal justice agencies/civil courts.
To have an intuitive sense of client needs and experience and knowledge in making materials accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments or learning disabilities.
To provide design skills to help update and/or create new digital and print materials.

To complete photo sessions to capture client services, staff, and events
To provide photography and photo-editing to build DC SAFE’s digital assets to be used on our website and throughout communications materials

Based on the descriptions above, indicate which individual opportunities you are interested in, if any.
Metropolitan Police Department Domestic Violence Liaison Ride-Along Program
This volunteer opportunity is coordinated by MPD. It allows citizen volunteers to ride along with patrol officers and provide victims of domestic violence with resources and information provided by DC SAFE. Volunteers will receive at least 20 hours of specialized training provided by DC SAFE to start this fall, as well as MPD volunteer training, and will sign up for shifts to ride along with officers. Volunteers will not act as law enforcement personnel or advocates, but rather to be a liaison between DC SAFE, MPD, and domestic violence victims in need of information about services. These volunteers will join the ranks of the MPD Citizen Volunteers and will provide critical information and resources to a vulnerable population, thus helping further DC SAFE and MPD's missions of serving and helping the public. To apply for this program, please visit MPD's website at: https://mpdc.dc.gov/page/domestic-violence-liaison
Please share any additional ideas you have for ways in which you would like to volunteer with DC SAFE.
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