Student Parking Permit Application
Students who want to park on campus MUST HAVE a current year parking permit sticker VISIBLE on their windshield.

Obtaining a parking permit sticker is a three (3) step process:
1) Complete this on-line form OR complete a paper parking permit application and turn it in to room 218.
2) Pay for parking at Check-In Day at the Fees table, in the Bookkeeping office, or in room 218.
NEW THIS YEAR: Students cannot purchase a parking permit until all outstanding fees are cleared.
3) Pick up your parking permit sticker in room 218.

Parking permit stickers can be picked up in room 218 starting 9 August 2019; if not already paid for the sticker can be purchased at that time.

Students parking vehicles on campus that do not have a visible, valid parking permit sticker in the windshield risk parking fines and possible revocation of parking privileges and/or disciplinary action. Parking stickers issued in a previous school year are not valid and are ticketed as such.

Even if your student has paid for a parking sticker and has more than one registered vehicle, if the sticker is not in the vehicle parked on campus the student can be fined. Students must transfer their sticker between their registered vehicles or to temporary vehicles. If a student either can’t move the sticker or forgets to move the sticker, the student MUST obtain a temporary parking permit for their vehicle in room 218.

Parking rules will be enforced beginning 30 August 2019; please have your parking permit sticker purchased and in your vehicle prior to that date.

Parking permit stickers cost $40 for the year or $20 for the second semester.

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