Orono Land Trust Volunteer Questionnaire
If you need assistance with this questionnaire, please contact Mike Opitz (mopitz39@gmail.com).
Contact Information
Last Name *
First Name *
Preferred Email Address *
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OLT Membership *
Are you a student? *
Volunteer Activities
In order to get an idea of how you might like to contribute your volunteer time, please choose up to 3 activities below.
OLT Properties
If you prefer to volunteer on a specific piece of OLT Land or easement, please select your preference:
Skills, training or education
Do you have any special skills, training or education that you would like to apply as a volunteer?
Volunteer Equipment
The Orono Land Trust depends on the generosity of community members for the use of power equipment which is needed for trail maintenance and improvement. In general, volunteers use their own equipment or tools.

Do you own any of the following tools that you can handle safely and be willing to use as a volunteer?

Please click 'yes' or 'no' in each box.
Small hand tools *
(loppers, hack saw, ax, scythe, shovel, rake)
Heavier hand tools *
(Come along, iron bar, sledge hammer)
Wheelbarrow *
(an item always in short supply!)
Small power tools *
(Chainsaw, Weed whacker, Cordless drill)
Heavier Power Equipment *
(Tractor, excavator, pick-up truck, ATV, snowmobile)
Board of Directors
Would you consider serving on the Board of Directors?
This question is intended for all OLT members.
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