Ham Logger Accessible for the Blind
I've been searching for an accessible logger for Windows for several years and still didn't find anything making me completely satisfied. Still, logging contacts is elementary need for a ham.
I love the Fast Log Entry for its textual interface, but it's suitable rather for portable use or short activities.
For contest logging it might be usable the N1MM+, but there's also impossible to get to the list of contacts.
The XMLog looks very good and it would need just few small changes/improvements to make it perfect, but its author Mike W1ECT told me four years ago he doesn't want to improve it anymore and is now just fixing bugs. Nevertheless I've kindly asked him to consider publishing it as opensource - no reaction so far.
I've tried many different loggers, but none persuaded me of being accessible and usable. What experience do you have? What logger do you use? If this attempt brings any results, I'll be glad to publish them.
Thank you for any advice and for cooperation.
73, Jan OK1TE
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